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Ексклузивен луксозен недвижим имот във Виена

Изпитайте най-добрите аспекти на живота във Виена. Насладете се на тази колекция на най-красивите недвижими имоти в австрийската столица. Апартамент в центъра на града, вила в покрайнините на града, луксозен апартамент в Döbling или Hietzing, Пентхаус апартамент в стария център в непосредствена близост до ринга ... Направете стъпката да притежавате едно от тези жилища и изключителното качество на живот.

Луксозен живот в уникални недвижими имоти във Виена

Накрая се стига до стресиращ ден. Една среща в центъра на Виена последва следващата. Взехте важни решения; се втурнаха от област до област, от града през Дунав и обратно; удовлетворени от вас бизнес партньори и клиенти.

Now, finally, it’s time to come home. This is your moment – only yours. You navigate the car to your personal parking space in the heart of Vienna, take the elevator from the garage directly to your apartment. Or you drive unto your property at the city’s outskirt in Döbling or Hietzing, as the last rays of sunshine lighten up your villa. Or maybe you enjoy a view of the electric lights of nocturnal Vienna from your great location above the city.
As you open the door, you - once again - become aware of the difference between daily routine and quality of life. Some call it a luxury apartment. For you it is the best way to come home.
You open a window and enjoy the panoramic view of the surrounding nature and vineyards. Or are you overlooking the moonlit roofs of Vienna from your penthouse? Enjoying the sight of your garden, your personal place of peace and freedom? Savouring the clear view of the stars from the roof terrace of your apartment? It is your decision alone.

The events of the day fall off of you. Barefoot you walk across the noble parquet floor, your fingers gently stroking the custom-made designer furniture. Delicate materials, worked with great skill and love. Quality of life – is the combination of high standard and comfort. Pleased you drop unto the king-sized couch in the living room. Now that you have left the workday behind you, it is time for the infinite pleasures of life ...

Modern luxury residence or premium revitalised villa from the turn of the century: If you want to buy or rent exclusive real estate or property in Vienna – this is the right site for you.
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