Modern luxury real estate trends: furnishings and interiors

If you want to rebuild or build a new house, you have to deal with many components: Room layout, type of heating, flooring, etc. It is important to know which floors can be used before starting to build a house. Deciding on the right flooring for each room is very important because it lays the foundation for everything else, such as the interior fittings and the screed heights.

Home Trends

This year, large and tight windows are in. More natural light in your own four walls is becoming more and more popular. This increases the amount of glass in the house and the warmth of the sun can also be enjoyed from inside. In addition, the desire for fewer rooms that are larger and more homely is increasing. This offers more opportunities for development in the house. Togetherness takes on a more important role. And so it is easier to play, talk and cook together.
According to the pandemic, integrated home offices are desired more often. There is also a growing trend towards greater digitalisation of the home. Almost all electrical equipment in the home will be able to be controlled via the smart phone in the future.
In the building trend, long, flat and straight shapes are preferred. Slopes and curves are disappearing. Buildings will be efficient and for what there is a need.


Floor Trends

In the last 40 years, living space has changed. In contrast to the past, many modern houses and flats now have large glass doors and glass fronts that unite the living-dining room and terrace, especially in the longer warm seasons. With the extension of the living room to the outside, new ways are needed to make modern indoor and outdoor living equally comfortable. 

One of the fundamental questions is whether to use wooden flooring or stone/techno-stone flooring in the living/dining room. 

If a wooden floor is to be installed in the living room, the wooden floor is selected first, then the matching stone/technostone for the terrace, entrance hall and bathrooms is combined with the wood pattern surface. 

If a representative stone/technostone floor is to be used in the living room, often the living room is enlarged in summer by a terrace next to the living room. In this case, it would be very noble to use the same natural stone/technostone with the same colour and slab size inside and outside. The exterior slabs would then be somewhat stronger and rougher than the matt interior floor.

The demand for such a robust stone or technostone floor in living areas has increased since the advent of underfloor heating. In recent years, a beige, cream or light grey technostone has often been used for this purpose, as this material offers many advantages:

- Scratch-resistant, stiletto-proof
- very robust and durable
- completely leak-proof, stain-resistant, easy to clean
- resistant to acids
- ideal over floor heating, feels warm
- warm colour shades, comfortably elegant
- allergen-free

The wishes of residents have changed in recent years. In modern houses, technostone slabs with dimensions of 100x100cm, 120x120cm or 150x150cm with a minimal amount of joints are preferred, which did not exist in these dimensions in the past. In the meantime, technostone slabs are produced up to 3.20m in length and 1.60m in width. For shower walls, the large-format slabs are an advantage if you want to avoid joints that become unsightly over time. Small flats also benefit from the large tiles with fewer joints. It makes the rooms look bigger and more elegant.

Technostones with a limestone look in beige, sand, cream and light grey tones are very popular. These technostones look very natural, and they can hardly be distinguished from a natural limestone. In addition, light-coloured stones absorb some heat on terraces, but do not become as scorching hot as dark stones. Light-coloured technostones get a little warmer than light-coloured natural stones because they are denser.


Finally, we asked Mr. Schubert some interesting questions.

I.    To make a floor last in the long term, you should use technostone. Why? And what floor coverings would be considered as alternatives?

Technostein is ideal for modern building projects. It is pore-tight, acid-resistant and will not change with weathering. For historic building projects, natural stones are a possibility. Natural hard limestones, quartzites, gneisses, granites and quartz sandstones are very robust for exterior use.


II.    Which flooring do you recommend for families with children and pets?

For modern houses: 
Either technostone inside and outside, if possible inside and outside in the same size and colour.
If a wooden floor is to be laid in the living room, then a medium-coloured oak parquet with stronger grains and possibly some smaller knots should be chosen, which is very robust, and matching lighter-grained natural stone or technostone floors on the terrace adjacent to the living room.


III. Why is marble not suitable in the living room?

Marble is mostly used polished. Then you can see every acid stain and the wear of the "walking streets" in the flat. Marble should rather be used in bathrooms or in flats without terraces where people walk with slippers and take great care of the floor.

For photos, references and further information, it is best to visit:  and select "modern projects".

Furniture trends

One of the current furniture trends is the well-known Art Déco style. A style full of elegance that seems to be timeless - like the recurring design trend of Viennese wickerwork. Be it in furniture or home accessories, the wickerwork in a beige complexion lends every piece of furniture a touch of tenderness. And speaking of tenderness - soft, round furniture is very popular at the moment. The flowing shapes give the room a certain lightness and a feeling of calm. Velvet furniture is also part of this. Whether in the living room as an armchair or in the bedroom as a bed. They radiate cosiness and comfort.
But if you prefer something cooler and more minimalist, you can look forward to the Plexiglas trend. Be it completely transparent or lightly coloured models. There is something for everyone. Furniture made of Plexiglas is definitely extravagant.


Trendy materials & colours

In addition to sustainable natural materials such as wood, fabric and stone, gentle, soft materials continue to be in vogue. Sofas made of velvet, high-pile carpets or armchairs made of woven fabric are particularly popular. 
Light, bright colours are another trend. In recent years, the trend has been towards less saturated tones. In the modern living room, everything can be found from pastels in bluish-green to somewhat stronger shades of pink or yellow. Also combinations of different shades of the same colour. 

The information in this article was largely provided by Thomas Schubert / Schubert Stone.



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