Living at the golf course: wake up and tee off

For a long time, what began decades ago, especially in the US and South Africa, has also taken hold in Europe: the house (or apartment) on the golf course. Who does not know the popular slogan: Living where others spend their holidays.

This is how it feels to be part of everyday life, embedded in a total work of art made of lush greenery and beach-like sand bunkers.



In the mid-1990s, Frank Stronach got the ball rolling: his project, designed as a residential and golf park right from the start, had quickly become, after initial skepticism, a quota hit in terms of "living on the golf course". The demand is still good. So good that Sigi Wolf - he has bought the entire area from Stronach - is already opening new plots of land and is continuing building cheerfully.



Also, the Wörthersee, the most popular bathtub in Austria (and presumably also Germany) is surrounded by wonderful golf courses. One of them is one of the oldest and most beautiful in the country: the KGC Dellach. Ibidem, right next to hole 14 down to the lake, the Hermitage Apartments have emerged - high-class apartments with the Wörthersee and the golf course on the doorstep. The concept is also geared towards leasing the apartment at idle times.



Much is a matter of taste and personal access to each country. In Hungary, for example, Zala Springs, north of Lake Balaton, is currently hosting the first real estate golf project with our neighbor. Other neighboring countries of Austria present themselves not only on their best economic side. For example, Italy, which lacks economic stability in the recent past due to its confusing debt policy. However, because one can trust - at least in the medium term - that within the European Union no country really crashes, the risk seems manageable. The beautiful landscapes along the Italian coasts are still regarded as attractive locations for holiday homes.


In terms of air traffic, the US and South Africa from Europe are easy to fly to and at the same time destinations that have made every golfer swarm. It does not have to be the 400 m2 villa in Pebble Beach, California, with 18 rooms for a slim six million euros. In South Carolina, on the east coast, you are already with significantly less cash from the party. For example, on the picturesque island of Hilton Head Island, also known as The Golf Island, with 24 golf courses owned by such famous golf architects as Robert Trent Jones Sr., Pete Dye and Jack Nicklaus. A fully furnished house with a typical for the US open kitchen, spacious living room and two bedrooms and views of the Pete Dye Golf Course is already available from just under 400,000 euros. For more luxurious homes, however, you have to turn around 1.5 million euros on the table.


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Author: Klaus Nadizar & Linda Maschler, Autoren für Simply Golf

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