The most exclusive coffees in the world

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks there is. Whether espresso, cappuccino or latte macchiato, coffee is a wonderful pick-me-up. With its diverse flavours and various preparation forms, it promises everyone an individual pleasure. But not only that. Did you know that there are around 124 tasty types of coffee? If not, we will now take you along and show you the most exclusive among them.

An immeasurable variety of coffees

Even though an immeasurable variety of coffees is offered, two major varieties dominate the coffee market. Obtained from the high-quality beans, the Robusta is a strong, low-acid, therefore slightly earthy-tasting variety. The Arabica bean, on the other hand, serves up a mild, slightly fruity, varietal taste that you will notice when enjoying your coffee. This leaves only a small contingent of exclusive beans on the market.


The two finest coffees

St. Helena coffee from Africa

St. Helena is a small island off the coast of Africa. The beans of the Green Tipped Bourbon Arabica coffee variety that grow there were brought to Paris by Napoleon and then to other parts of the world. In 1839, St. Helena coffee was honoured by the London coffee trading agency W. Bumie & Co. as the "best quality coffee in the world".
This rare delicacy is one of the most exclusive coffees and impresses with its even aroma. The coffee is described as mild yet full-bodied.
A fine spiciness and a chocolaty component make up its sweet finesse. The aftertaste is slightly acidic, with a fruity tendency. The organic coffee is cultivated to a high standard from planting to harvesting and is only handled by hand. This also explains the high price: about 70-80€ per pound.


Jamaica Blue Mountain from the Caribbean

Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee, as the name suggests, grows in the heights of the island of Jamaica and is one of the exclusive coffee varieties. It grows slowly and gently, developing its own aroma. The special taste of this coffee has made it a well-known favourite. It is mild, but presents a fruity taste that hides a discreet nutty tone, as well as a mild acidity. This coffee is also harvested solely by hand. The price per pound is around 75-85€.


The world's most expensive coffee

Kopi Luwak, also called cat coffee, is the most expensive delicacy among coffee varieties. It got its special name because of its extremely unusual production. To obtain the Kopi Luwak variety, the cherries go through a somewhat different process of creation. In order to obtain the characteristic aroma of the caramel-like, earthy and chocolate-like essence, they first pass through the intestinal tract of the equally special Indonesian creeping cat.
With a price per pound of around 300-600€, this coffee variety is one of the most expensive in the world.


The production lends high quality

The cultivation and production of the various coffee beans that form the basis of the multifaceted coffee varieties are responsible for the different flavour aromas.
A distinction is made between three types of production


The drying process

For drying, the cherries are placed on drying trays. In this way, the beans absorb the sweet aroma of the pulp.


The wet preparation

The pulp is removed from the beans. Then the beans are fermented with the addition of water. In this way, the aroma can be strongly influenced.


The air purification

Air purification removes residues such as shells from the beans.  


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